The Champagne Gun

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The literal KING of Champagne Showers... Just in time for summer, The Champagne Gun has officially arrived! Blast it off at mansion pool parties, Vegas weekends of pure debauchery or use as a classy champagne server at weddings, bars and more!

Champagne Showers: Attach a bottle of champagne with the spray diffuser, shake up and shoot bubbly champagne all over your friends - or enemies - for about 45 seconds. The bubbly blaster sprays a distance of up to 23 feet!

Champagne Service: An original accessory, elegant and exuberant way to serve champagne.

Champagne Display: Beautiful and stylish decoration, to display any magnum bottle of champagne on a bar or dining table, or can be used as a centerpiece.

The champagne gun was designed to be used with magnum sized bottles (1.5 liters). Although most champagne bottles will fit your gun, there are a few exceptions; Specialty brands magnum (1.5 liters) bottles such as Ace of Spades, Dom Perignon, Cristal, Ruinart will not fit the Champagne Gun.

The champagne gun also fits standard sized (750ml) champagne bottles when paired with the 750ml Champagne Gun Adapter which is included with every purchase.