Mexico, Margaritas & Madness: Celebrate National Margarita Day 2019

Mexico, Margaritas & Madness: Celebrate National Margarita Day 2019

The lord has bestoweth upon us another day of blessings and this time it's filled with salt, spice, sass and lest we forget, TEQUILA! Guys, it's #NationalMargaritaDay this Friday - February 22, 2019. I don't have to convince you of all of the health benefits of drinking a spicy margarita a day. YES in fact it does keep the doctor away - the jalapeños speed up your metabolism due to their spicy element, we all need a healthy dose of sodium every day and tequila actually can help you lose weight due to the unique type of sugar found in it known as agavins. Did someone say Summer 2K19 juice cleanse?

So now that's out of the way, let's get up to speed with the history of our favorite cocktail. We don't really know for a fact who created this drink, but what we do know is that many a restauranteur and bartender claim to have played their hand in changing history. One of the most renowned stories is from Carlos "Danny" Herrera, who owned a restaurant in Tijuana called Rancho La Gloria. His claim to fame was that he had a client who was a dancer who was allegedly allergic to all spirits except tequila (totally relatable btw), yet she wasn't down to just do shots of the stuff. So Danny took his skills to the shaker and voila, the margarita was born, or so they say. Then in the 1940's, Jose Cuervo ran a legendary campaign with the tagline "Margarita: More Than A Girl's Name."

This is a picture of the Jose Cuervo margarita advertising campaign of 1942


And then the list of so-called inventors goes on. But regardless of who brought this lavishly lime infused miracle to fruition, we can all agree on one thing... It's the cure for any less than amazing day, it may make you dance the night away on the table tops and it tastes fucking fabulous. So for National Margarita Day 2019, where can we sip away on margaritas? Well I've given a list below of some cool spots in LA, NYC & Miami to celebrate! For each city, I've chosen on vegan spot, one "Instagrammable" choice and then one traditional type of hangout!

Los Angeles:

"Instagrammable"- Red O - Now rumor has it that this restaurant at one time had a TOTALLY Instagram worthy margarita known as "The Benjamin". What's in a name? Well, quite literally it set you back a "benny", BUT it was fit for the kings bedazzled with edible gold, blood orange caviar and a kosher salt rim. If you stop by this place, ask them if it still graces their menu. And if not, definitely get "The Grant" with it's gold-salted rim and multiple other magical mixings. For my OC people, this makes a solid choice as they have 3 locations, including one in Newport Beach.

Picture of the Red O Benjamin Margarita that literally costs $100


Vegan - Gracias Madre - With a mantra of "take a seat at love's table", you already know you're in for a dashing time filled with a distinct vibe that will leave you filled with joy. Featuring a range of margaritas and other tequila infused beverages and everything on the menu being vegan, this is a great choice to celebrate at!

Traditional - El Compadre - Basically LA's best Mexican food, you can definitely count on this being a worthy spot to stop by and do some steady sippin' this Friday. Spice up your night and more importantly spice up your life, with their
infamous "Flaming Margarita".

New York City:

Traditional - Calabrijes NYC - Coined "The City's Best Margarita", this revered tequila heaven will have you getting loose this Friday. Located in Bushwick and channeling some SERIOUS "Día de Muertos" vibes (Day Of The Dead), head over to this hotspot for margaritas, tacos, shots or whatever other spicy savagery you're seeking.

Vegan- Jajaja Mexicana - A stone's throw away from the stomping ground of Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf, this vegan mexican phenomenon has that Lower East Side flair that everyone is talking about. Featuring an aesthetic visual like no other with a combination of neon, art deco and paper straws for your multi-colored margarita, the limit does not exist to the amount of fun you will have here on Friday.

"Instagrammable"- Egg Shop NYC - Okurrrr, watermelon margaritas are a total thing AND what better way to indulge straight from God's cup itself. Ooof, people I'm totally thinking that these margaritas are straight out of "God's Playground". Not only have these unicorn-esque margs been 'grammed a ton of times, they've also received a mad amount of press. So if you're in the "The Big Apple", you will now be on your way to sip on a BIG WATERMELON! And, did I mention that this place has a new cookbook? Total millennial foodie vibe.

Picture of watermelon margarita - Spoon University



"Instagrammable" - Bodega South Beach - With their sassy signs & art deco aesthetics, Bodega SoBe is the margarita mecca for all things Instagram. Offering Free Frozen Margaritas with purchase this Friday, I mean honestly can you go wrong?! Stop by, sip your salt and snap a pic for the 'gram. Trust me, you won't regret.

Picture of a sassy sign at Bodega in South Beach Miami


Advertisement for National Margarita Day special that Bodega South Beach has


Traditional - 222 Taco - Some might call it an angel number, others may say the name is a shrine to the fact that National Margarita Day falls on 2.22. Call it what you will, this place has some of the best margaritas known to Miami. Located in North Bay Village, their 222 slushy margarita infused with passionfruit, is known to be PHENOM. Check 'em out!

Vegan - Planta South Beach - Guys, in the words of Champagne Papi, "I can't really see heaven being much better than this." Launched by culinary royalty, David Grutman, this place is the epitome of combining sustainability, salt & spice and they've rolled it up into one. And this one thing is called BOTTOMLESS MARGARITAS. There's nothing more to say honestly. This vegan kingdom sells itself and is known as one of Miami's newest hotspots being graced by the presence of influencers & celebrities on the daily. Sip away and simultaneously save the planet, can life get any better than this?! This one is also TOTALLY "Instagrammable". Head over to their Instagram and see for yourself!

Picture of the front of David Grutman's hottest new vegan restaurant in South Beach - Planta

Well talk about HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY! Yeeee... Honestly, it's 8:45 EST as I type this and I'm now thirsty now being utterly tantalized by all of these tequila treats. Guys, HAVE AT IT. Drink, be merry, all that fun stuff.


Until next time darlings,

Champagne 'N' Cocaine. Xo

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