How I Turned My Childhood Craft Into #Adulting Cashflow

How I Turned My Childhood Craft Into #Adulting Cashflow

I wanted to share with you guys a glimpse of my background and how I turned crafting into cashflow. Since the tender age of 2, I possessed an intense passion for literary & creative arts. As an only child, my mom constantly had me doing creative things, anything from baking & cake decorating, designing & sewing my own clothing, making DIY face masks, right through to writing creative short stories & playing the piano. I was ALWAYS on the go creating things!

As I got older, I strayed away from such a wide net of creative assortments, and focused solely on channeling my creativity into writing. Although I diligently honed my literary craft and worked on finding my voice as a writer, I still felt like something was missing; a void if you will. As I began to re-dabble with alternative creative outlets such as piano, culinary and photography, the world of e-commerce was becoming a huge trend and I decided to launch an online store, but wasn’t particularly fussy about the subject matter to sell. 

In a serendipitous moment of fate, I decided to pursue my love of faux furs and launch a Shopify store selling fur coats. I made my first sale the same day that I launched my store! But as riveting as the instant cashflow was, I also LOVED working on my store. I then took my love for fashion offline, and began curating “dangerous” outfits that the mainstream fashion society would frown upon and I proudly wore my furs EVERYWHERE.

A picture of me walking through Downtown Los Angeles fashion district

I decided to then experiment in a different direction and create Print-On-Demand merchandise. Although I loved seeing my merch on people and virtually designing, the P.O.D. process just didn’t cut it for me. I needed tangible inventory and to become a unique creator, so one night I went to Walmart and bought a “Fruit Of The Loom” sweatshirt, fabric glue, sequins and glitter. I then set out to turn a “mental masterpiece” into a reality. After enlisting the help of my grandmother to create a perfect pattern for the champagne bottle, I then began to sew one sequin at a time. As I sewed and created, all of my stresses immediately dissipated and my heart was filled with joy. I didn’t sleep for 72 hours straight and I continued to sew, until the champagne bottle was a complete hand-sewn sequin design.

This is a picture of the hoodie that I designed with a hand-sewn sequin champagne bottle

At the moment that I finished although being beyond delirious, I drove an hour to deliver the sweatshirt to my dear friend for her to wear to a concert. When I saw the look on her face of excitement and shock at the unique design, I became totally speechless and somewhat emotional; a feeling I will never forget, nor have ever experienced prior to that. And that my friends, is what finally pushed me into launching my custom streetwear clothing line under the umbrella of my brand Champagne ’N’ Cocaine.

Some might say that fashion is my passion, but it goes much deeper than that. For me, fashion isn’t just clothing; fashion is your way of telling the world what you stand for. No matter what happens in life, even if EVERYTHING is taken away from you, they can never put out the fire burning inside that shines brightly on the outside via curated clothing choices!

When we slip into our glamorous garb, our clothing evolves into being our centrifugal channel of communication. We use the clothes we wear to tell a story, whisper our deepest desires without words and launch our legendary legacies; one thread at a time. Each of my designs will speak differently to the individual and as you wear them, you shall transmit a borderline paradoxical aura that will leave people everywhere stunned. 

Picture of King Bekka wearing our Black Champagne N Cocaine oversized hoodie

Come play in our closet, slide into your alter ego and find your true self. And when you do, be sure to share your story the way that I shared mine, as we bring the human race to a more unified state, all in the name of fashion.

Comment below your favorite fashion icons, thoughts or please share your story (it doesn't have to be fashion-related) of how you followed your heart, discovered your passions, etc! Take "what sets your soul on fire" and use that as the ultimate catalyst to achieve the lifestyle that you truly want and deserve!

To see our range of custom pieces, head over to our Etsy Store today, leave a comment or email us directly at!

Until next time darlings,

Champagne 'N' Cocaine. Xo

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